Teishoku Bento

From: $3.85

  • Minimum of 50 Bento required.
  • Teishoku Containers have a more formal look and feel than our standard bento containers. Each Teishoku Bento comes with a choice of bedding at a base price of $3.85.
  • For every 25 Bento ordered, you may make a different combination. For ex, if you order 75 Bento, you may have 3 different combinations. Each different combination must be added to the cart separately.
  • Choice of Starch:
    • White¬† Rice
    • White Rice & Yakisoba +$2.50
  • If you desire a starch choice that is not listed, please Contact Us before ordering.

Please choose a minimum of 2 Entree Add-On choices. Side Add-Ons are optional. Entree and Side Add-Ons are sold by the piece (except for yakisoba or chow fun). For ex., to order 3 pieces of Garlic Chicken, you must use three of the drop-down menus below.


Add-On 1 (Req)

Add-On 2 (Req)

Add-On 3 (Opt)

Add-On 4 (Opt)

Add-On 5 (Opt)



Add-ons total:


This item requires a minimum of 3 days advance notice!
Disclaimer: Sugoi Bento & Catering cannot be held responsible for any liability resulting from a customer's mishandling of food products.
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